Starting and Leading a Mission-Driven Organization: A Cheat Sheet for Emerging Social Entrepreneurs and Problem-Solvers

by Economic and Political Development Concentration

Academic Talk

Mon, Apr 8, 2024

1 PM – 2 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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In this session, Alex Counts, who has started, led, and grown multiple nonprofits including the Grameen Foundation and the India Philanthropy Alliance, and who has written three books on mission-driven leadership, will share the key elements of his next book on how to succeed as a first-time executive director of a nonprofit organization. Many of these lessons are also applicable to those who serve on boards of nonprofits or who are engaged in a traditional business start up. They range from compliance, product development, and people management to public relations, and self-care. He will focus on those skills, techniques and mindsets that are most important for someone leading a small (under $5 million budget) nonprofit for the first time.

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