CEA Board Members

Jason Marshall


Originally from New Jersey, Jason received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Penn State University. Following his graduation, he spent several years working as a management consultant in New York, and later moved into a role as a project finance analyst for an international software company specializing in smart grids and 5G technologies. Most recently, he joined a Miami-based private equity firm that invests exclusively in renewable energies and green initiatives. At SIPA, Jason is concentrating in Energy & Environment, with a focus on studying public-private partnerships and the relationship between geopolitics and energy security. In his free time, he likes to run (not very fast) and share obscure trivia with his friends against their will.

Afra Seleme

Vice-President (MPA '25 candidate, EE/DAQA/TMAC)

Afra Seleme, originally from Istanbul, is a current student at SIPA with a concentration in Energy and Environment, specializing in DAQA and TMAC. She completed her undergraduate studies in Diplomacy and Economics at Seton Hall University. After earning her BS degree, Afra returned to her home country, where she worked as a consultant in various capacities at UN Women Europe and Central Asia Regional Office and Turkiye Country Office. Her main roles included programming, and coordination of projects across the region and within the country. In her free time, Afra enjoys exploring new horizons and making the most of her time in NYC.

Jessica Koh

Treasurer (MIA'25 candidate, EE/DAQA)

Originally from Singapore, Jessica is a first year student in the MIA program with a focus on EE and DAQA. At SIPA, she aims to explore financing models for decarbonization and energy infrastructure development. Prior to SIPA, she earned her bachelors in Global Studies and Economics from the National University of Singapore. Jessica worked as a management consultant for two years, contributing to a range of projects focusing on anti financial crime, climate risk and financed emissions. In her free time, she enjoys exploring food places in New York, foosball and urban gardening.

Devraj Singhania

Director of Symposium (MPA ’25 candidate, EE/DAQA/LID)

Devraj comes from Raipur, India and recently completed his undergraduate studies in Politics, Government and Law at Sciences Po, Paris. He is a first-year MPA student concentrating in Energy and Environment, with a specialisation in Data Analytics and Social Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about decarbonisation and is interested in working towards better public-private engagement to accelerate a just energy transition. He wishes to work in emerging markets and enable green capital where it is most needed. Devraj is also an avid reader of philosophy, poetry and literature and enjoys painting, films and travel in his free time.

Nik Nor Zafirah

Director of Women in Energy

Nik Nor Zafirah grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia then went to the United Kingdom for her undergraduate studies and had been living in the Netherlands for the last 5 years. She built her career in Shell, initially in the oil and gas business working on several exploration and development projects, globally as an energy commercial professional. Then she transitioned her career to the renewables business within Shell to help build Shell's offshore wind portfolio, primarily in Europe and Asia. At SIPA, she wants to delve deeper into the topics of financing the energy transition, biodiversity protection, and equitable energy transition as she aims to transition her career yet again, this time into energy policymaking. When not occupied with schoolwork, you can find Zafirah exploring the city or enjoying a Broadway show.

Shubo Yang

Director of Socials

Shubo is originally from Xi'an, China. She is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, where she earned a BA in financial economics and religious studies. She discovered her interest in sustainable finance through internships. At SIPA, she is dedicated to growing expertise in renewable energy, sustainable transitions, and financial modeling. She loves watching sports games, exploring nature, and trying out new recipes.

Charles Moxley

Director of Events

Charles Moxley is a first year concentrating in Energy and Environment. Prior to SIPA, he worked for four years at a leading asset management firm, Gabelli Funds. Charlie is passionate about energy, sustainable finance, and enjoys reading energy blogs in his free time. He is a graduate of NYU, where he studied Politics and French. He is also pursuing the EE Practicum. Charlie enjoys running in Central Park.

Kate Gaylard

Co-Director of Treks (MPA '25 candidate, Energy and Environment)

Kate is a policymaker from Australia with experience in climate change, energy, and foreign policy. Kate's pursuing the Master of Public Administration, Energy and Environment, and specializing in Leadership, Innovation, and Design. She will leverage her study program to further explore the geopolitics of the global energy transition, innovative financing models for decarbonization in emerging markets, and sustainable development in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region. Kate's passionate about Mediterranean-style cooking and sharing stories over food with friends.

Izza Qayyum

Co-Director of Treks

Born and raised in Pakistan, Izza graduated with a degree in economics. Prior to Columbia, she worked in the education sector, delivering quality education to underprivileged students and fundraising for community projects in underdeveloped areas. Witnessing the limited access to energy while working in the field, Izza chose to pursue her MPA in Energy and Environment at Columbia. She aims to facilitate the energy transition of developing economies, enabling electricity access for all. Izza is also a bibliophile with a penchant for fiction. In her free time you can find Izza exploring the various cafes in New York or enjoying a meal with friends.

Julia Kim

Director of Communications (MIA '24 candidate, EE/DAQA)

Julia is a recent graduate of Barnard College with a B.A in Political Science and Human Rights and a minor in Economics. Julia calls Brazil and Singapore home and she hopes to channel her passions for international migration and energy diplomacy to understand how global energy policies impact migrants' access to modern energy services. While at SIPA, Julia aims to deepen her expertise in decarbonization strategies and sustainable energy transition pathways, with an emphasis on hydrogen adoption. During the summer, she furthered her knowledge by working as a gas, power, and climate solutions analyst, gaining valuable insights into the industry. In her free time, Julia enjoys practicing Taekwondo, making good use of her New York Public Library membership and exploring nearby parks!