Event Timeline

Below is a guide to the event, including some specific dates.

A full event schedule can be found here. This schedule is not final and will continue updating.

In addition to student presentations, we will host panels, high level speakers, and career/recruitment efforts during the competition.

Intelligence Inject One Release

On Wednesday, October 14th you will receive your first intelligence packet via email and a set of instructions for the event deliverable. One team member must confirm receipt of these materials.

Written Policy Brief Due

On Sunday, October 25th by 11:59 p.m. EST your team must submit a written policy brief that follows the guidance and requirements outlined in the instructions. The briefs count towards your second round qualifying score.

Event Day One

Cyber 9/12 kicks off on Friday, October 30th. Your team is responsible to have an electronic copy of the decision document which you will share with your judging panel before your oral brief.

Evening Event: Project IMMERSE

We will announce the advancing teams and award competition prizes at the evening interactive event Project IMMERSE.. Keep an eye out for our event schedule and required RSVP information for the event.

Intelligence Inject Two Release

Advancing teams will receive the second intelligence packet via email shortly after the event concludes. Instructions on deliverables will be included.

Event Day Two

Day two will begin with the semi-finalist teams presenting, like day one. The top teams advance to the afternoon, final round with an abridged intelligence packet. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the event.

Intelligence Inject Three Release

Finalist teams will receive the third intelligence report. They will have a limited window to prepare their oral brief.

Final Round

Teams will present their oral brief to a high-profile panel of judges from across the public and private sectors.