SIPA Student Association

The School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia's
Principal Student Government Body



The purpose and objectives of the School of International and Public Affairs Student Association are to address the interests and concerns of SIPA students through direct student representation in the creation of policy and programming to further those interests. SIPASA strives to improve the overall student experience and partners with the administration and outside organizations to support the management and development of the School. SIPASA represents the student body to the SIPA administration, SIPA faculty, SIPA alumni, Columbia-wide community and other stakeholders, promotes student opinion and interests in the formulation of SIPA's strategy and goals, formulate's SIPASA's objectives in the areas of academic affairs, communication and external relations, career and alumni affairs, social affairs and student life, and achieves the aforementioned objectives through programming, advocacy, and policy support.









Members Benefits

SIPASA serves as a key to unlock your SIPA student experience.
All SIPA students are automatically added to our listserv. Our annual elections for joining the General Board and Executive Board occur every November. Becoming a student representative can widen your professional network, open the door to a variety of social opportunities, and enable you to engage more deeply in Columbia University life.

Events & Activities

By helping SIPASA plan and coordinate programming on and off campus, students make connections, work with industry partners, and form lasting friendships.

Practical Training

Joining SIPASA serves as excellent practical training for public office. Learn in-demand skills and professional relations etiquette in a controlled environment.

Exclusive Resources

SIPASA members gain access to exclusive events, meetings with deans and upper administration, community town halls, and negotiations between students and partners.

Our Team

Clarisa Marambio Profile

Clarisa Marambio

Shawn Gibson Profile

Shawn Gibson

Social & Student Life Chair
Jonathan Gomez Profile

Jonathan Gomez

EMPA Representative
Pin Chuan Shao Profile

Pin Chuan Shao

General Secretary
Sylvia Gan Profile

Sylvia Gan

MPA-ESP Representative
Hongjie Chen Profile

Hongjie Chen

Career & Alumni Affairs Chair
Yijie ( Frank ) Huang Profile

Yijie (Frank) Huang

Vice President
Saeed Bazroon Profile

Saeed Bazroon

Jiyuan Sheng Profile

Jiyuan Sheng

Communications & External Relations Chair
Aditya Shukla Profile

Aditya Shukla

Social & Student Life Chair
Richard Estrella Profile

Richard Estrella

MPA-EPM Representative
Deris Nagara Profile

Deris Nagara

Madiyar Nurakhmetov Profile

Madiyar Nurakhmetov

University Senator
Shristhi Negi Profile

Shristhi Negi

J-Term Representative
Jihane Najim Profile

Jihane Najim

Dual Degree Rep
Andrea Calderon Profile

Andrea Calderon

Communications & External Relations Chair
Airin Wu Profile

Airin Wu

Social & Student Life Chair
Sara Rashidi Profile

Sara Rashidi

Dual Degree Rep
Chengyi Yu Profile

Chengyi Yu

Career & Alumni Affairs Chair
Catherine Chengru Ju Profile

Catherine Chengru Ju

Communications & External Relations Chair
Christoph Lhotka Profile

Christoph Lhotka

Academic Chair
Tiantian Zhou Profile

Tiantian Zhou

Social & Student Life Chair
Franco Cristiani Profile

Franco Cristiani

Social & Student Life Chair
Pavan Talakala Profile

Pavan Talakala

DEI Chair
Harkismat Dhaliwal Profile

Harkismat Dhaliwal

Academic Chair
Yi-Han ( Helen ) Lien Profile

Yi-Han (Helen) Lien

MPA-DP Representative
Cristobal Garcia-Quiroz Profile

Cristobal Garcia-Quiroz

DEI Chair
Bénie Yenyi Profile

Bénie Yenyi

Social & Student Life Chair
Gadha Raj N Profile

Gadha Raj N

University Senator


SIPA Student Association

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