Mission Statement

To create a safe environment for students to work towards solutions to problems of social inequality, such as wealth and income inequality, poverty, and racial, economic and gender disparities.

How Will We Do This?

Knowledge Sharing

By bringing together students, scholars and activists who are researching and working on all dimensions of inequality

Inclusivity Advocacy

Advocate for greater inclusion of income disparity, poverty, racial divides and other dimensions of inequality in public policy curriculum

Community Building

Promote and enhance organizational efforts for social, economic and racial justice through active partnership with other student organizations

Civic and Political Engagement

By connecting SIPA students to relevant volunteer and activism opportunities across New York City

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Real-time Engagement

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Our Team

Gabrielle Blackman
Communications and Marketing Chair
Ryan Pan
Education and Curriculum Chair
Nina Liew
Edward Bonahue
Education and Curriculum Chair
Monalisa Barman
Organizing and Advocacy Chair
Rosario Contesse
Casidy Cunningham
General Steering Committee Member
Roohi Singh
Cristobal Garcia-Quiroz
General Steering Committee Member
Nikita Chettri
Organizing and Advocacy Chair