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What is the Women in Energy Mentoring Scheme?

The Women in Energy Mentoring Scheme has been established in recognition of the numerous challenges that relate to being a woman in the energy and environmental industry. These range from building a profile to knowing how to succeed in what can be a male-dominated industry. The Mentoring Scheme aims to pragmatically deconstruct some of these challenges through mentorship. Successful mentee applicants will be paired with a like-minded mentor for a five-to-six-month period and follow a unique programme designed for the mentee to get the most out of the Scheme.

Am I eligible to be a mentee?

This Scheme is designed specifically for current SIPA women interested in a career in energy and the environment. If you are a SIPA woman looking to work in Energy or the Environment then please let us know – we would love to have you as a mentee! Please note that becoming a mentee is competitive, and there is a short application process (more details below).

How much of a commitment will it be?

We ask that Mentors provide five hours of mentoring over a five-to-six-month period. We suggest that mentors and mentees meet once-a-month over this period starting this November. Mentees will work with their mentor's schedule and are responsible for organising meetings, and communicating with their mentor. We want to take up as little of your Mentor's time as possible and so you are expected to provide them with any and all resources that they may need to mentor you effectively. This includes diary invites (with call details), your resume, your focus point, and the onward handling of any resources that we provide to you.

Will it be in person, or virtual?

The Mentoring Scheme is designed for maximum flexibility and will be conducted virtually – although we hope there will be opportunities for in person meetings (circumstances and preferences permitting). We say it is a five-to-six-month program as we understand that life events happen and sometimes you (or your Mentor) will need to skip a month.

How can I sign up?

If you would like to sign up, please fill out this google form by midnight on Friday 29th October 2023. The Scheme will start in November.

What is the structure of the programme?

Five to Six Month Program – Starting November 2021

Session One - Introduction: The first session aims to help the mentor/mentee get to know each other and establish a rapport. One element of this is the identification of a focus point for the mentoring scheme (e.g., confidence building; applications to internships; interview skills).
Session Two - Resume: This session focusses on resume review and development. The aim is to review and revise the mentee's resume to assist them with their internship, or job applications.
Session Three – Focus Point: A session where mentors discuss with the mentee their focus point and the strategies for overcoming related challenges. This is essentially a session to brainstorm and provide a road map for the focus points. The exact content will vary from mentee-to-mentee.
Session Four – Mock Interviews: This is a session where mentors interview their mentee as if they were applying for a permanent role. We will provide some guidance on the types of questions to ask, and mentors will bring their own experience of interviews/interviewing to the session.
Session Five – Wrap-up: The aim of this session is to help the mentee with any next steps, follow-up items, or other items that have emerged from discussions. After this, a short survey will be circulated whereby both mentee and mentor will give feedback on the mentoring programme, so that we can continue to improve it going forward.

What if I have a question, or want to discuss this further?

If you have any questions, then you can contact Michelle Ahn directly who will seek to resolve these promptly. Michelle will be your main contact at the SIPA Energy Association for the duration of your mentoring experience. We hope you can join us!