About Us

SIPA Digital and Cyber Group

The SIPA Digital and Cyber Group (DCG) was founded in 2016 to provide a central platform for students that connects them to the wider cyber community through events, competitions, and online resources.


To make SIPA the leader in digital and cyber policy education by integrating those subjects into the curriculum and highlighting the intersection between digital and cyber issues and the other salient subjects of our time.


To raise the knowledge and awareness of Digital and Cyber issues amongst the SIPA Student Body by providing a central platform for resources, a curated series of events, and connections to the wider Columbia community.

Interstate Cyber Affairs

Focuses on interstate Cybersecurity policies and technological exchanges.

Communication + Privacy

Research on privacy challenges, both domestic and foreign.

Global Cyberconflict Issues

Focuses on state and non-state Cyberconflict and espionage.

Columbia | SIPA, Digital and Cyber Group (DCG)

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